NOX SV - Beauty and Beast

This boat reaches extremes. The removable board structure with hood behind the drivers seat, turns it into a single seater in ‚race mode‘, reminiscent of the Jaguar D-Type. Speeds up to 130km/h.
And underneath all of this you’ll find a classic interior with space for up to 6 people.

  • Specifications

  • General Information

    Overall length 6,80 m
    Overall witdh 2,08 m
    Maximum load capacity 6 people
    Draft 0,25 m
    Loaded draft 0,70 m
    CE-Certification Class C

    NOX SV Elektro

    Engine 160 kW using MSA Surface Drive
    Weight ca.
    (Batteries included)
    ca. 1200 kg empty
    V-Max 100 km/h+
    Battery Capacity 70 kWH
    Powertrain & Engineering
    • Electric Powertrain with 160kW
    • Watercooled engine and controls
    • GPS-based speedometer
    • Multifunction display showing all important parameters
    • LiPo-Batteries in stainless steel housing
    • Integrated battery charger up to 280V
    • 1500 Charging cycles
    • Charging Duration for 80% Charge: 2.5h
    • Charging Duration for 100% Charge: 3.5 - 4h (using 360V)
    • Automatic change to emergency mode (max 10km/h/ 10km reach) at 15% Charge

    NOX SV Gasoline

    Engine V8, 460PS, using MSA Surface Drive
    Different engines available on request
    Overall Weight ca.
    (full tank)
    800 kg empty
    V-Max 120 km/h+
    Tankcapacity 120 l
    Powertrain & Engineering
    • Gasoline tank with 120l
    • GPS-Based speedometer
    • Classic round instruments
  • Equipment

  • Exterior

    • Sideblanking made of mahogany sapelli
    • 8 layers of high gloss paint
    • Bathing Platform with underwater lighting and extending ladder
    • Skirting boards all around and bow made from stainless steel
    • Hinged fittings made from stainless steel
    • Panoramic windscreen made of Lexan
    • Silver-Graphit coated bottom
    • Static stainless-Steel Waterski-bar


    • U-Shaped bench for up to 6 people + standing aid for the steers man Upholstery made from stepped marinegrade skaileather
    • Mahogany steering wheel
    • Dashboard paint out of wengé and illuminated glove box
    • Floor oiled in hondurasteak
    • Storage under the seats with separate capacity for waterskis. Storage in bow area
    • Indirect Lighting

    Technical Features

    • Red / Green LED illumination retractable, white LED revolving light
    • Horn
    • Electric bilge pump
    • Analog instrument cluster (RPM/s, GPS speedometer, Voltage etc.)
    • Pre-installation for radio
    • On-board power system with 12V, 60

    Optional Equipment

    • Deck-Sideplaning made of wengé
    • Securityglas windscreen with Stainless-Steel framing
    • Real leather upholstery
    • Foldable stainless steel bimini
    • Table made of mahogany, reconfigurable to act as daybed add-on
    • Combined habour-and trailer persenning
    • Bow-headlight
    • Fridge
    • Audio-System
    • Antifouling-coating
    • Bigger Batterypack (electric variant)
    • Trailer